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Daily Archives: November 16th, 2010

Daycare for the Old

. JOHN P. writes: There is a flip side to the issue of daycare for the young and that concerns elder care. While old people are not being developmentally warped by state caregivers it is often a cold experience for them, even if they are competent – which is not always the case. I recently […]

Commanded to Give

. MIKE writes: I enjoy your site, and follow it daily. However, I believe you and Mr. Auster are wrong in stating that “one should not give money to beggars, period.” I do not believe this statement can be reconciled with Christian Scripture, doctrine, or history. The Lord Himself commanded his followers to “give to […]

Familiarity and Love

  Y. writes: I’m reading the excerpt on Amazon about St. Bosco’s dreams. I just finished through page 217, and it’s basically what parenting is about. True, loving parenting is true, loving discipleship, and a way to nurture the child’s relationship with God. As St. Bosco found with his teachers and the children in their care, […]

The Numbers Behind Daytime Orphanages

  “DAYCARE” centers should not have the word “care” anywhere in their names. They should be called daytime orphanages or simply child maintenance centers. Even though many good people work for them, and many good people send their children to them, these institutions cannot provide humane care and are major breeders of contagious childhood diseases. Feminism’s support for the […]

The Feminine Face

   THE EARLY American portraitist Gilbert Stuart, who painted the first six presidents and is best known for his unfinished portrait of George Washington, also captured the complexity and beauty of femininity in his canvases of Colonial women. Here is his portrait of Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis, another oppressed drudge and domestic deadbeat from our collective past. […]

The Entitled Beggar

  JESSE POWELL writes: I have experienced in just the past month a new kind of begging that I have never seen before. I live in a city where encountering beggars is a routine experience. Typically a bedraggled man will approach and ask for some money, very timid, very humble; if you just walk on […]

The Face of Feminism

  PHYSIOGNOMY is the art of judging character from facial features. At View from the Right, Thomas F. Bertonneau analyzes the physiognomic aspects of feminism. He writes: There are any number of distinctly unfeminine women in Obama’s administration or regime. Janet Napolitano comes to mind, perhaps also Sonya Sotomayor and Hillary Clinton. Yet “unfeminine” somehow misses the […]