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The Queen in the Mosque

November 30, 2010


MICHAEL D. writes from Australia:

It is common for royals to visit religious sites overseas. Pakistan and India are members of the Commonwealth and receive frequent visits from various members of the royal family. I recall that when the minor controversy arose over the requirement that the U.S. President wear a headscarf to visit a temple earlier this year, it was pointed out that the Prince of Wales simply leaves his wide-brimmed hat on when entering Sikh or Hindu temples and nobody has ever complained. 

However, I am shocked and disturbed to see the photograph you posted of the Queen in Islamic dress. The Queen is the head of both the nation and the Church of England – there is no separation of church and state as in America – so she is the most prominent representative and ambassador for both English culture and religion. If it is customary for visitors’ heads to be covered and shoes removed, then fine, the Queen can wear a hat and take her shoes off. Usually when the Queen is seen in public she wears a hat anyway, so I am surprised that she didn’t simply continue to wear it inside like her son does. 

Dressing up in a veil, headscarf and shawl is not only unnecessary, it sends a message to the Moslem world that they will interpret as weakness and showing deference to them. She should be proud to characterise not only our people and customs in a foreign land, but also to personally represent a significant proportion of Christendom. Instead she demonstrates obeisance before a backward, benighted, oppressive and intolerant religion and culture that repeatedly preaches our destruction. The royal advisor who thought this would be a good idea should be summarily fired. Unfortunately the British government essentially mandates the practice of political correctness now and disturbs me to see how the Crown, a traditional institution situated far above politics, is now expected to participate in an official genuflection to Islam

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