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Daily Archives: December 15th, 2010

Why Have I Discussed Race?

  A READER writes: Your recent post, “Rape and Race,” has produced quite a few negative reactions from people who have been offended at what they feel was implied racism on your part. Their reaction, as far as I can tell, may not have been your intent. However, I feel that they are somewhat justified […]

Rape and Race, cont.

  THE DISCUSSION on the post “Rape and Race” continues here. Elizabeth Wright, a black blogger at Issues and Views, writes: Leave it to blacks and whites, both male and female, to jump to the defense of black men and to rationalize rape. Of course, I wouldn’t expect whites to have listened in on candid conversations that I, […]

In the Ruins of Pop Adolescence

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: Regarding male (or “male”) model, Andrej Pejic – the photograph of him that you reproduced today is creepy and disturbing. I reacted to it with visceral loathing. My guess is that, whatever sexual neurosis Pejic is acting out, he is also aiming precisely at the effect of being creepy and disturbing. If […]

The Man-Hater and the Frigid White Housewife

  HERE are some strong objections at other sites to what I and others have written here in the last few days. They concern the recent posts on men’s rights, which you can find here and here, and on black rape statistics. At the Spearhead and In Male Fide, I am accused of a lack of understanding of what men face today. I […]

Sexual Fluidity, cont.

  THE 19-YEAR-OLD Australian model Andrej Pejic, who is a boy, is an extreme example of what is everywhere in the modern world: the role-playing of one sex as the other. Judging from this brief description of his life, Pejic did not grow up with his father. Fatherlessness, which is becoming more common by the day, is fertile […]

Dalrymple on the Pope

  THEODORE DALRYMPLE has an excellent piece on Pope Benedict XVI at The Salisbury Review. Addressing calls within Britain’s intelligentsia for the arrest of the Pope because of his alleged role in sex abuse crimes, Dalrymple notes that child abuse is most prevalent in homes where biological fathers are absent and step-fathers are present. He writes:   It follows from this that, if the Pope should be arrested […]