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The Pope’s Interviews, cont.

December 5, 2010


IN THE previous entry on recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI in a book of interviews with German journalist Peter Seewald, readers took strong issue with my criticisms of the Pope. I am grateful for these thoughtful comments and do not dismiss them at all.

However, I remain deeply troubled by the Pope’s statements and cannot agree that they are insignificant.

The greatest threat to Western culture today is the decline of masculinity. Liberalism is an ideology at war with masculinity. The modern Church, despite its patriarchal clergy and theology, is at war with masculinity. Christianity has become anti-heroic, denying the necessity for painful separation, for struggle, for the hero’s blood if need be. Christianity has become anti-heroic though Christ was the greatest hero who ever lived, engaged in the quintessential masculine act of giving his life and taking on the burden of the enemy’s hatred for the sake of others. This is no time for sentimental empathy for male prostitutes, not even in passing. The end is too near.

If the feminization of the Church is not dramatically reversed, men will continue to go elsewhere, finding meaning in Darwinism, libertarianism or any atheistic creed that offers a modicum of manly honor and strife and that addresses the worldy concerns men have, especially concerns about racial and civilizational preservation. If the feminization of the Church is not dramatically reversed, the moral clarity of Christ will be further obscured in a fog of sentimental and wishful thinking. And, Western civilization will surely die. The Church cannot be Mother and Bride. It must be Warrior and Hero first.

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