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Daily Archives: January 11th, 2011

Oliver’s Journey

  THE TRULY interesting thing about Oliver Twist is that no matter how much brutality and common vulgarity he encounters, his exquisite sensitiveness remains unchanged. This unfortunate bastard is raised under the most heartless of conditions in a parochial poorhouse, sold as an apprentice to an undertaker and then waylaid by a band of thieves, living in London’s “foul and frowsy […]

Gratitude from a World of Just Friends

  NICK writes: I am donating to thank you for your very important work at The Thinking Housewife. I’m a young, unmarried man (31), so I am beginning to feel the effects of the malaise you so meticulously describe. Meeting a family-oriented woman in the world of “young professionals” (where I find myself) is nigh […]

Women on the Front

  LAST MONTH, a Congressional panel recommended that the Defense Department eliminate all restrictions on women serving in combat units. In doing so, the panel ignored the real-life experiences of women in the military. Here is an interesting description by one woman of her stint in boot camp in 1999. Catherine L. Aspy writes: Combat is […]

Two Library Books

  ALAN writes: Regarding lowered standards in public libraries, which were discussed here , here, here and here: James Hilton’s 1941 novel Random Harvest stands today on library shelves next to a book called 10 Crack Commandments.    Why is that?  It is because rubbish like 10 Crack Commandments is an example of the “diversity” Americans are now commanded […]

The Problem with Coeducation

  MODERN EDUCATION is based on a false assumption: that boys and girls learn at the same rate and in the same way. In fact, the sexes develop differently and possess distinct ways of viewing reality from an early age, as anyone with the slightest experience with children knows. This common sense has been so stifled […]