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Daily Archives: January 12th, 2011

Clinical Murder

  ABBY JOHNSON is former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. In her new book, The Ultrasound that Changed my Life, Johnson describes the day she was called in to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. An excerpt of her shocking account is now available on LifeSite News. Johnson, who worked for eight years for Planned […]

In the Jungle of Online Romance

  NICK writes, in response to this entry: And so was born The Thinking Housewife Matchmaker Service! I am most grateful, but do not pass the “Christian” requirement. (Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still be interested, of course….) Since I wrote you last, I have decided to sign up for a few online dating sites, […]

On Reading Dickens

DRINA writes: I just wanted to say I enjoyed your post on Oliver Twist. I read the book for the first time when I was substitute teaching sophomore literature a few years ago. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t read it before then, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Since then, especially over the […]

More on Coeducation

  EXPATRIOT writes: I’ve long thought that coeducation is one of the major factors behind the dysfunction of the modern world. Just as important as the academic problems it causes are the socio-sexual ones.