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Domesticity and Women’s Education

January 19, 2011


THERE ARE many arguments that come sailing through the air like so many intellectual frisbees for why traditional motherhood is no longer desirable. One of these arguments is that the domestic role consigns women to stupidity. In other words, before women were careerists, their mental development was neglected.

Here is an interesting statistic that suggests otherwise. In 1920, in the United States, according to historian Theda Skocpol, women constituted almost half of the 283,000 students enrolled in institutions of higher learning. The vast majority of these female students became full-time mothers and wives after college. For most of these women, college was not vocational, but for higher learning. Read More »


Are Traditional Sex Roles Obsolete?

January 19, 2011



One thing that puzzles me about your commitment to so-called ‘traditionalist roles’ is that the basis of your commitment seems to be unrelated to certain principles which govern human societies. 

By and large, societal roles — including those having to do with gender relations — are conditioned by the pressures which arise as a result of competition with other societies. Read More »