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Why Applause is Out of Place in a Church

January 23, 2011


JAMES BOWLING MOZLEY, the nineteenth-century English theologian, wrote:

A Christian is bound by his very creed to suspect evil, and cannot release himself. His religion has brought evil to light in a way which it never was before; it has shown its depth, subtlety, ubiquity; and a revelation, full of mercy on one  hand, is terrible in its exposure of the world’s real state on the other. The Gospel fastens the sense of evil upon the mind; a Christian is enlightened, hardened, sharpened, as to evil; he sees it where others do not …. He owns the doctrine of original sin; that doctrine puts him necessarily on his guard against all appearances, sustains his apprehension under perplexity, and prepares him for recognizing anywhere what he knows to be everywhere.


Daniel Mitsui

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