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A Woman in a Man’s Job

January 30, 2011


A PETITE, 34-year-old blonde who worked as a corrections officer at a Washington State prison was murdered on Saturday while she was on guard alone in the chapel, according to The Seattle Times. The Monroe Correctional Complex houses 2,400 men. Jayme Biendl, who was named officer of the year at the prison in 2008, was 5 feet three inches tall and weighed 130 pounds. She was unarmed when she was strangled by a 200-pound rapist sentenced to life without parole. He had once doused a woman with gasoline and set her on fire.

Guards at the prison do not carry any weapons, not even pepper spray or batons. Scott Frakes, the prison superintendent, told the Seattle newspaper that women guards are seen as “equal and just as valuable” as men.


                                                                        — Comments —

Kevin Stay writes:

Any discussion of men and women being equal which does not include the divine origin of both almost inevitably unravels into quoting this or that supposed expert in human studies of one sort or another. The God-given nature of a woman no more precludes her from being held “equal in worth in the eyes of her Creator” than does the God-given nature of a man. Yet, at the same time, those two natures are profoundly distinct and different; each with divinely appointed roles as regards the family and society at large. The further we stray from that absolute truth of our origin the less surprised we should be to read of tragic situations resulting from the popular world view of the equality/sameness of the sexes.


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