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Newt and His Mannequin

February 28, 2011


ALL OF THE artificiality and hollowness of mainstream conservatism in America is summed up in this recent photo, discussed at VFR, of the repulsive Newt Gingrich and his third wife.

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March Calf

February 28, 2011

In the Highlands, Robert Munro (1893)

In the Highlands, Robert Munro (1893)

 A March Calf

Right from the start he is dressed in his best – his blacks and his whites
Little Fauntleroy – quiffed and glossy,
A Sunday suit, a wedding natty get-up,
Standing in dunged straw

Under cobwebby beams, near the mud wall,
Half of him legs,
Shining-eyed, requiring nothing more
But that mother’s milk come back often.

Everything else is in order, just as it is.
Let the summer skies hold off, for the moment.
This is just as he wants it.
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A “Juncture of the Religious Dimension”

February 28, 2011


THE BLOGGER Tiberge at Galliawatch reports that some Catholic schools in Marseilles are now 80 percent Muslim. Citing French press accounts, she writes:

For the archbishop, training through inter-religious dialogue will permit these questions to be answered: “How to announce the Gospel? How to accept Muslim holidays? What can we accept or not accept?” According to archbishop Georges Pontier, “We must not run from these questions. Even if the subject is delicate and marks a juncture of the religious dimension and identitarian issues.”


Women in the Military, cont.

February 28, 2011


AS HAS been noted here before, the entry of women in significant numbers into previously-all male portions of the military does not render the military less guilty in the eyes of liberals. It actually makes it more guilty. The issue of sex abuse against female soldiers, who are expected to defend themselves against aggressive foreign enemies but are excused from defending themselves from their fellow soldiers, is now a major theme in the press. A federal lawsuit was filed this month by women soldiers charging the Department of Defense with countenancing sexual assault. Read More »


When Children Played

February 28, 2011



NOTICE this picture of a London alley in 1899. The children are playing outside and are dressed as children. The girl in the foreground is wearing a pinafore. The most startling thing is that they are playing outside with only one adult in the background. Remember when children used to play unsupervised games, with adults nearby but not coaching them and telling them the rules? 

These children may have been poor, but at least they were children, not tiny adults without the freedom to play.


Just Another Career

February 28, 2011


SEN. Harry Reid has called for an end to legalized prostitution in Nevada. He has argued it should end not because prostitution is wrong but because it is bad for Nevada’s image.

Brooke Taylor, a leading spokeswoman for the business, strongly objects, according to The New York Times:

“Here we are being safe and professional and earning a living, and he wants us to end it? Absolutely not,” Ms. Taylor said in an interview in her bedroom at the Bunny Ranch. “This is what I choose to do, and there is nothing wrong with it.” Read More »


The Skyscraper and Multiculturalism

February 28, 2011


AT HER blog Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat has an interesting post on the skyscraperization of Toronto. She argues that banal modern architecture is an inevitable result of the loss of Toronto’s ethnic and racial identity.


Dispense with the Word, Not Everything It Represents

February 28, 2011



I think that you will do well to ditch the word “Game,” rather than everything the concept implies. 

“Games” are contests; by definition; they are less than deadly serious; they are temporary diversions. The word also carries with it the air of the professional athlete, specifically the National Basketball Association player of the late twentieth/early twenty-first century, someone who is by and large, a very poor role model, starting with his grammar (“game”, for instance, is something you “got” – or perchance, that you “don’t” or “ain’t” “got”). “Game” describes how a “playa” “plays”; and if you’re going to accept those terms, there’s little sense in excluding “ho” (word, mispelling AND general concept).  Read More »

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