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O, Warrior Queen

March 1, 2011


Boadicea (also known as Boudicca), Queen of Iceni


Boadicea, Charioteer;
Boadicea, Charioteer.
Queen of Iceni, Boadicea;
Queen of Iceni, Boadicea.

Government comes to burn and slaughter,
Burn and slaughter, burn and slaughter.
Government comes to burn and slaughter,
Roman soldiers rape her daughter,
Rape her daughter, rape her daughter.

She raised an army, came on down,
Came on down, came on down.
Raised an army, came on down;
Came to the towers of London Town,
London Town, London Town.

Banksters, Frauds amass Golden Hoards,
Golden Hoards, Golden Hoards;
Banksters, Frauds amass Golden Hoards,
City of Quislings, London Town;
London Town, London Town. Read More »


And, Yet Another Woman Writer Gloats

March 1, 2011


DOROTHY writes: 

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago about a woman writer who happily spent part of her honeymoon alone and it stays in my mind. I cannot stop thinking about it. It is very sad to me. But the woman who wrote it is happy. I am astounded that she is so quick and happy to toss away the burden of a husband immediately after they are married.  Read More »


Another Woman Writer Gloats

March 1, 2011


REAL FAMILIES,” is the name of a personal-essay series at Salon “that celebrates the surprising and ever-shifting nature of domestic life in the 21st century.”  Salon means “surprising and ever-shifting” in the sense that tornados and hurricanes that lift whole houses off the ground and hurl them into the air are “surprising and ever-shifting.”

The latest entry is “Why I left my children,” by the Japanese-American, prize-winning author Rahna Reiko Rizzuto. Rizzuto has outdone Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert by leaving not just her husband but her children too and then writing about it, in the apparent hope of invigorating discussion at women’s book clubs everywhere. (Since many top women writers gloat over their damaged marriages and homes, investing this destruction with drama in order to make money and careers, the competition for any award for the worst wife or mother among them would be quite stiff.) When Rizzuto’s children were toddlers she left them for a fellowship in Asia. Then she divorced her husband and settled down the block from her family. This, she discovered, was a good way to raise her children: Read More »


A Few Good Men and Their Mamma

March 1, 2011


N.W. writes:

Your post on women in the military reminded me of an incident that occurred about a year ago when I was enlisting in the Marine Corps. The senior enlisted man at the recruiting substation was a woman. Under her command were a number of men. She addressed the group of Delayed Entry Program recruits. She informed them that things were going to become a bit more disciplined in the program than they had been. The end of her talk went something along these lines,

Now everybody here, you’re all here to become Marines, right? Right? Cause if not, you might as well leave right now. I’m not going to put up pulling around deadweight. Me, I’m here to help you, and your recruiters are here to help you. Now we’re not your buddy or your bro. You ain’t callin me ‘guns’ or whatever, that all is gonna stop. But we are family. And I’m your Mamma and if you have any questions or need something sorted out you come to Mamma and I’ll help you. And all your recruiters, they’re your daddies and they’re here to help you.

Now if your daddy ain’t helping you or not telling you everything, you come to Mamma and I’ll straighten it out. But you gotta tell me, if you don’t tell me I can’t help you. All right? Y’all understand? Good, now form up. 

This is why women should not be in positions of command. This is why women should not be in the military. This is why political correctness will destroy our military, and this is why speaking out against female football coaches is so important. 

Thanks so much for everything you are doing to expose the twisted logic that is strangling our country and our freedom. 

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