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Daily Archives: March 1st, 2011

O, Warrior Queen

  BOADICEA Boadicea, Charioteer; Boadicea, Charioteer. Queen of Iceni, Boadicea; Queen of Iceni, Boadicea. Government comes to burn and slaughter, Burn and slaughter, burn and slaughter. Government comes to burn and slaughter, Roman soldiers rape her daughter, Rape her daughter, rape her daughter. She raised an army, came on down, Came on down, came on […]

And, Yet Another Woman Writer Gloats

  DOROTHY writes:  I read this article in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago about a woman writer who happily spent part of her honeymoon alone and it stays in my mind. I cannot stop thinking about it. It is very sad to me. But the woman who wrote it is happy. I am astounded […]

Another Woman Writer Gloats

  “REAL FAMILIES,” is the name of a personal-essay series at Salon ”that celebrates the surprising and ever-shifting nature of domestic life in the 21st century.”  Salon means “surprising and ever-shifting” in the sense that tornados and hurricanes that lift whole houses off the ground and hurl them into the air are “surprising and ever-shifting.” The latest entry is “Why I […]

A Few Good Men and Their Mamma

  N.W. writes: Your post on women in the military reminded me of an incident that occurred about a year ago when I was enlisting in the Marine Corps. The senior enlisted man at the recruiting substation was a woman. Under her command were a number of men. She addressed the group of Delayed Entry Program […]