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Daily Archives: March 14th, 2011

A Question from a Reader

  MARI writes: I read with interest your post on a group who would like to protect Western civilization and its Christian heritage and influence. I am not Caucasian, but I am a Christian. Will there be a place for those like myself who love the Lord and regard Western Civilization highly, in this society […]

A Famous Divorcee

  CAROLINE NORTON was the mother of modern divorce in England. She actively campaigned for liberalizing divorce laws in the early Victorian era in an effort to leave her husband and retain custody of her children. She succeeded in lobbying for the Custody of Infants Act of 1839, which made it possible for mothers to procure custody of young children. She was […]

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory


Schooling Around

  SURELY, no president in history has spent as much time in school classrooms as President Obama, pictured here visiting a Virginia high school last week with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. At least once a week, or so it seems, Obama pops into a public school somewhere in America. The Great Unifier believes education is the great unifier. And […]

The Pro-Abortion Young

  SEE THIS video of a recent pro-abortion rally of mostly white young people in Chicago. Leaving aside their crude behavior and depressingly ugly clothes and hairstyles, it is interesting how these protesters seem to be oblivious of the thousands of infertile couples eager to adopt babies or of the fact that since abortion became widely available the number […]