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A Son and Mother

March 20, 2011


A man grieves in front of te wreckage where his mother's body was buried.

A man grieves in front of the wreckage where his mother's body was buried by the waves.

SEE The New York Times’s remarkable slide show of the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.


Daughter and Mother

March 20, 2011




A Woman’s War

March 20, 2011


LAST WEEK, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Samantha Powers, of the National Security Council; and Susan Rice, ambassador to the United Nations, were all influential in convincing President Obama to order up military plans for an attack on Libya. The New York Times describes their efforts to convince the president on the necessity for intervention. 

Suffragists and feminists often claimed that women would bring world peace if they could only get the reins of power. That’s because suffragists and feminists misunderstood how a powerful woman might react to a supposed “humanitarian crisis.” It’s not excessive aggression that drives women to unnecessary war, but excessive compassion.


The Jew-Hater’s Radar

March 20, 2011


IN THIS previous thread, Van Wijk writes:

It is no secret that the majority of American Jews are leftists; so are a great many whites. Since leftist Jews are in most cases racially and culturally white, and since they are too few and pacifistic to pose a physical threat, they can be lumped in with white leftists as a whole and dealt with in the same manner. The problem with the Jew-haters is that they tend to ignore or play down the danger posed by demonstrably violent peoples. Solve the problem of Jewish influence, they say, and all other problems will solve themselves. Every time I’ve asked a Jew-hater what to do about Mestizos or Muslims, the response has been that they can be dealt with “in a straightforward manner.” No one but the Jews are on the Jew-hater’s radar, and Jews are (naturally) responsible for most of the evil in the world. …. Since Jewish influence looms large in the mind of the Jew-hater and can never be resolved while there is a single Jew in the land, to engage them is to be drawn into what Mark Richardson calls an “intellectual cul-de-sac.” Read More »


Free Trade: The Luxury We Can No Longer Afford

March 20, 2011



One commenter in the previous discussion mentioned Toyota, I would like to hold that company up to the claim made by another reader that protectionism always leads to shoddy union practices and inferior products. Interested readers might like to review the history of that superlative manufacturer when evaluating theoretical objections to protectionism. Read More »

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