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Daily Archives: March 21st, 2011

Happy Birthday, Johann!

   TODAY is Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday. Celebrate by listening to this beautiful version of the Bach Concerto in F minor, with Claudio Dauelsberg on the piano. Bach means “brook” in German. Beethoven said, “Not Brook, but Ocean should be his name.”  Bach is a vast and glorious sea that stretches to the horizon.

When Boys are Taught by Women

  KILROY M. writes: This from NineMSN in Australia brought a smile to my face: “Casey’s father Colin said he was proud his son has finally stood up to the bullying, and the support Casey had received had already changed his son’s demeanour and self-esteem.” 

Comments on Free Trade

  THE LATEST DISCUSSION on free trade has been particularly interesting. One reader in that entry made the point that capital raised in offshore industry is reinvested in our economy and leads to further innovation and new industries at home. In response, the reader R.S. writes: And that productive capital can in future be invested […]