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Daily Archives: March 24th, 2011

The Controller Speaks

  JESSE POWELL writes:  It is sad to learn that divorce and illegitimacy have come to Sioux County, Iowa. I didn’t know that rural white areas had much lower rates of divorce and illegitimacy than the nation as a whole not so long ago.  Reading the comments from the peanut gallery, however, the mood is much […]


When Credit Should Be in a Husband’s Name

  Karen I. writes: I thought you might find this interesting. I saw it on a website called Dollar Stretcher, which is a good site for a housewife to visit now and then. I was shocked to see this. It is important for housewives to have a credit history of their own in case of […]

Divorce in the Christian Heart-land

  THIS article on the staggering increase in divorce and illegitimacy in one county in Iowa indicates that feminism and the economic autonomy of women are major factors. The writers don’t come right out and say it but it’s clear: most of the divorces are filed by women. The piece by Sabrina Tavernese and Robert Gebeloff only […]