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Where Are the Mailmen?

March 25, 2011

General Post Office, New York City, 1955

General Post Office, New York City, 1955

AT THE website Tradition in Action, Elaine M. Jordan compares the demeanour and attire of yesterday’s mailmen with today’s “mail carriers.” She writes:

The stability and seriousness of the past has been replaced by a pseudo-juvenile and precarious spirit. Replacing the air of commitment and efficiency is one of sloppy and lackadaisical ineffectiveness. The mentality of the profession has clearly changed. Before mailmen were committed to serve society; now they seem to be turned almost exclusively toward their own comfort, rights and salaries.

The general impression is of disorder, lack of discipline and egalitarianism. The ridiculous is not absent from the picture [below] when one considers men who look more like boys in shorts rather than a professional cadre of trained workers. Immorality and the grotesque respectively appear when the carriers – male and female – show their legs.



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