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Daily Archives: April 1st, 2011

Lewis on the Conceit of the Casual

  SAGE McLAUGHLIN writes: I just encountered this passage from C.S. Lewis, one which was not familiar to me.  Like so much of his work, it expresses something many of us know but have never given such excellent expression:  Above all, you must be rid of the hideous idea, fruit of a wide-spread inferiority complex, […]

A Leaf and a Fallen Virgin

  THE leaf of the Acanthus plant, pictured here growing in the ruins of the Palatine Hill in Rome, is architecturally renowned. Acanthus spinosus is the model for the stylized decoration on Corinthian and Composite capitals. You have seen it on classical buildings many times. History has it that this Mediterranean thistle was the inspiration for the Corinthian capital designed by the Greek […]