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A Report from College

April 4, 2011


J. writes:

I am a third-year college student and am struggling to survive the college environment. I do enjoy lectures in philosophy and reading philosophy and other subjects but I can’t stand the students and the “college lifestyle.” As someone who believes in the values espoused on your website, for example, I am completely nauseated by the behavior, clothing, arrogance, hedonism, alcoholism, etc. of the students and avoid them completely, often to pursue my own reading and interests. Read More »


At the Glassworks

April 4, 2011


Midnight at the Glassworks, Indiana, 1908; Lewis Wickes Hine



Defending Marriage with Newt

April 4, 2011


CONSERVATIVE evangelical pastors met recently in Iowa to affirm their opposition to same-sex marriage. Who was among their speakers but Newt Gingrich himself, the walking embodiment of American Christian hypocrisy on the subject of marriage. How can one defend marriage anywhere near Newt who left two of his wives and admitted to having an affair with his current wife, Callista, for years while married to his second wife?

If the primary purpose of marriage is self-fulfillment then same-sex marriage makes sense. Read More »


A Gathering of CEGs (Chief Executive Goddesses)

April 4, 2011



A MEN’S ONLY club of the powerful and influential is an outrage. A women’s-only club is proof of progress. The Belizean Grove is “the world’s ultimate old-girls club.” Here’s what they do at their gatherings, according to The New York Times:

They spend mornings in panel discussions based on the retreat’s particular theme; in recent years, those themes have included “Complexity,” “Shaping Our Future” and “Wisdom and Spirit.” At the sessions, Grovers showcase their areas of expertise, opining on issues as diverse as military strategy, marine life, philanthropy and how revolutions in the Middle East may affect the geopolitical balance. Read More »

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