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April 5, 2011

The End of a Happy Day, Thomas Faed

The End of a Happy Day, Thomas Faed

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The Logical End Result of the Mainstream Diabolical Embrace of Tattoos

April 5, 2011


SEE this about a 35-year-old mother of four in today’s Daily Mail. These are gruesome images. Please don’t look at them while children are nearby. They are deeply disturbing. Notice, by the way, how the woman justifies her appearance because she suffered “domestic abuse.” She may very well be the victim of beatings or torture. She has gone on to unveil the horrific and inflict it upon others out of hatred.

By the way, the recent discussion of tattoos continues. In that entry, I responded to a photo sent by a reader of a tattoo that is particularly tasteful, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the tattooed monster above. However, I said I did not find the far more tasteful image beautiful. (Leaving aside the obvious reality that a woman who has gone to such lengths to ornament her torso is unlikely to keep it private, as the photo proves.)  I wrote:

I don’t find the image beautiful because it is on skin and thus calls to mind 1) the pain involved in receiving or removing the tattoo and 2) the inevitable appearance of this tattoo 30 years from now.

The skin is the most sensitive of human organs, the medium of exquisite contact with the physical world and with other human beings. It is sensitive to pain and pleasure like no other part of our bodies. There is nothing more beautiful in the young. It records time and change as if a sculptor was assigned to each one of us. I cannot understand leaving our own inferior impressions, however tasteful or artistic they may be, on what is so finely and mysteriously wrought. We must experience some injury to our awareness of what skin is or, by some misfortune of fate or congenital deficiency, never have possessed it in the first place, before we are tattooed.

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A Pastor Faces the World

April 5, 2011


IN A DISCUSSION here last September on Pastor Terry Jones’s plan to burn the Koran, I expressed disappointment that he had not. It is inspiring that he has since gone ahead and to read of his remarkable, no-nonsense defense of his decision to do so. At VFR, Dean Ericson writes:

Terry Jones’s action has been the single most bracing and courageous act of rebellion against the suffocating, mindless liberalism that infects nearly every American mind. In one dramatic gesture Jones proves that Islam is not a “religion of peace.” In one clarifying act he has demonstrated the utter futility of our Islamic nation-building folly. He has shown how shaky is the house of cards built by liberals–so shaky that one obscure man can make the whole pile of lies tremble.

In the discussion from last year, Thomas F. Bertonneau wrote:

Here is a partial list of societies and civilizations that ceased to exist when Islam, a violent cult-like creed whose ethos entails absolute intolerance of all other creeds, destroyed them –  Read More »