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Daily Archives: April 5th, 2011

   FROM one of my favorite blogs.

The Logical End Result of the Mainstream Diabolical Embrace of Tattoos

  SEE this about a 35-year-old mother of four in today’s Daily Mail. These are gruesome images. Please don’t look at them while children are nearby. They are deeply disturbing. Notice, by the way, how the woman justifies her appearance because she suffered “domestic abuse.” She may very well be the victim of beatings or torture. She has gone […]

A Pastor Faces the World

  IN A DISCUSSION here last September on Pastor Terry Jones’s plan to burn the Koran, I expressed disappointment that he had not. It is inspiring that he has since gone ahead and to read of his remarkable, no-nonsense defense of his decision to do so. At VFR, Dean Ericson writes: Terry Jones’s action has been the single most bracing […]