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Daily Archives: April 7th, 2011


Is a Man Obligated to Marry?

  MAX writes: You seem to posit that all men, simply by virtue of existing, are obligated to seek a wife, marry, and have children, unless there is a real impediment to marriage (religious vocation, mental/physical illness, inability to financially support a family, etc.) Is this assertion correct? If so, why? I’ve never seen any […]

More on Burning the Koran

  RESPONDING to a Muslim reader who protests my praise of Pastor Terry Jones, I wrote: [I] don’t support the casual, routine burning of the Koran. I don’t wish to see Americans burning Korans everywhere. That would be gratuitously insulting to Muslims, many of whom are good and decent people. Jones has made a political gesture by the public burning […]

Reading Amid the Whirlwind of Motherhood

   CAROLINE BECKENHAUPT writes: After reading your post on Eugenia Ginzburg and Soviet Womanhood, I had to read her memoirs. I finally got Into the Whirlwind from the library. I started it last night, and I couldn’t stop reading. I finally forced myself to go to sleep at 1 a.m. –unusual for me. I’m still […]

Carter on World Oppression of Women

  JIMMY CARTER continues to be one of the world’s most outspoken feminists. Yesterday, he said the exploitation of women was “the most serious and all pervasive and damaging human rights abuse on Earth.”

Was the West Saved by Islam?

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: One of your readers wrote, in respect of the Muslim period in Spain and the enthusiasm of the Reconquista: “A few voices of rationality managed to save some key texts which among other things introduced Europe to Greek and Roman knowledge.”  Another one of your readers wrote: “The Muslims were […]