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Igniting Sacred Beliefs

April 8, 2011



It should be said that Koran burning is not primarily directed at Muslims — it’s directed at liberals. Liberalism, that mutant strain of extremist, fundamentalist liberalism, preached with religious fervor by our liberal priesthood, surging as a tsunami in the 1960s and commanding, “Thou shalt not discriminate!” — that’s for whom the Koran burning is intended. Read More »


Pirenne’s “Mohammed and Charlemagne”

April 8, 2011


KRISTOR writes:

I strongly second Dean Ericson’s recommendation of Henri Pirenne’s Mohammed and Charlemagne. It is one of the most important books of my intellectual history. I sort books that are successful, books I like, into two categories: those that extend or deepen my understanding, and those that revolutionize it. The former sorts of books generally work for me on account of their further clarification of insights gained from the latter sort. Of that latter, revolutionary sort, there are only a few. Pirenne’s is one. Read More »