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Daily Archives: April 12th, 2011

The Tragic Loss of the Maternal Bond

  JILL FARRIS writes: I agree that it is a lack of bonding that leads to these tragedies, such as the mother who left her baby in the car. I remember a close relative who had a baby (a “wanted and planned” baby) in her mid-thirties and was not prepared for how hard it would […]

Powerful Mother, Pretty Son

   IN A NEW ad for J.Crew, the company’s president and creative director Jenna Lyons paints her son’s toenails pink. She says, “Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.” A majority of FOX News Twitter users polled on the story said they did not […]

Death by Distraction

  HERE IS another one of those cases of fatal distraction, similar to ones discussed here before. A Puerto Rican doctor was on her way to work when she forgot that her baby was in the car. She returned to her parked vehicle hours later to discover the baby dead. This mother is to be pitied. She must pay the ultimate penalty for accepting an artificial way of […]

From Suave to Slovenly

    MRS. H. writes: Related to your and your readers’ complaints of modern dress is the topic of grooming. People, either out of laziness, ignorance, or for shock, do not groom themselves. I’m not against beards (my own husband has a fine one), but you should trim it. There are undergarments ladies can wear […]

A Look at Government Spending

  JESSE POWELL writes: There has been so much talk of the federal budget and the deficit due to the threatened government shutdown that I thought your readers might be interested in some historical background on these issues. In fiscal year 1930, before the Great Depression gathered momentum, the federal government ran a budget surplus of 0.8 percent of […]

When Even Diapers Show

  KAREN I. writes: The adults shown in the pictures in your post may be “unintentionally naked” but they should have had a clue that their outfits could cause them to be exposed. The truly “unintentionally naked” are little girls whose mothers dress them in the revealing trash that is for sale in most popular […]

Modesty vs. Shame

  VISHAL MEHRA writes: Regarding the recent discussion of the shamefulness of being pregnant, it is useful to read C.S. Lewis’s “Introduction to Paradise Lost,” in which he talks about how Milton handled pre-Fall sexuality. Now by Christian doctrine, bodily shame is excluded pre-Fall but per Lewis, a certain bashfulness is not excluded and is entirely […]