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Daily Archives: April 13th, 2011

When Women Earn More than Men

  IN SOME segments of the economy, women are earning significantly more than men. What will feminists do now? Rest assured, it won’t involve advocating for men. From an editorial in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum: Tuesday is Equal Pay Day—so dubbed by the National Committee for Pay […]

More on the Pregnant Pagan

  RESPONDING to this post on cultural attitudes toward pregnancy, Sarah writes: I agree with Mr. McNeill that pregnancy ought to be accorded honor. However, I do not think that maternity bikinis are the way to recapture its lost honor. In the 1950s, pregnant women wouldn’t dream of baring their midriffs or conducting nude photo shoots. They […]


Another Easter Recipe: French Rolls

  CONTINUING the posts on my Easter menu, I offer this excellent recipe for French rolls by Fine Cooking magazine. It is the best recipe for rolls I have made (and I have made quite a few.) First a few words about the all-important, pressing subjects of cookbooks, cooking magazines and culinary knowledge. As I say below:  My own […]

Will Libertarians Be Fruitful and Multiply?

  GEORGE S. writes: Economist Bryan Caplan has written a book called Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. This is pro fertility by a college professor.  Actually one of his reasons for more kids is to produce a libertarian baby juggernaut. He says he wants to, 3. Increase the frequency of libertarian genes – and […]


Calon Lân

  IN 2007, the Welsh singer Cerys Matthews performed this lovely version to harp accompaniment of the traditional Welsh hymn Calon Lân. Here is an English translation: I don’t ask for a luxurious life, the world’s gold or its fine pearls, I ask for a happy heart, an honest heart, a pure heart.

Women in the Military: The Unreality Continues

  A MALE READER writes: I was introduced to your blog a year ago by View From the Right.  I  wanted to commend for your ability and willingness to stand against  the tide of today’s society. I wanted to relay an experience that I believe is relevant to many of  your postings. I am military […]

Roast Lamb for Easter

  HERE is the first of my recipes for the Easter menu featured in the previous entry: Roast leg of lamb. This traditional dish has great symbolic significance. It represents ceaseless joy and imperishable love. It links us to the eternal sacrifice and one moment in history. We celebrate the springtime of our spiritual condition: For lo, the winter is past, The rain […]