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Daily Archives: April 15th, 2011

To Criticize Muslims Is to Humanize Muslims

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: Peter S. approvingly quotes Carl Ernst on the urgent “task” of contemporary Islamic studies, which is none other than “to humanize Muslims in the eyes of non-Muslims.” Ernst – and, as we may assume, Peter S. – can only be of the opinion that Westerners chronically and habitually dehumanize Muslims, […]

More on the Idol of Ecumenism

  ALAN ROEBUCK writes: Peter S. desires to counter the demonization of Muslims and Islam. But this demonization is at most a peripheral point. The basic problem with Peter S.’s essay is that he fails to acknowledge that Islam is both a false religion and a comprehensive sociopolitical threat. That being so, he is most […]

Childhood Lost

  MUCH OF the inspiration for this website comes from my own happy childhood. Here is a photo of me from my days as a scheming, plundering, lawless barbarian. Not long after I became a mother 22 years ago, I made an unsettling discovery. Childhood is fast disappearing. It is not the same cultural institution it was when […]

Goodbye, Boy Scouts

    IN 2007, all Boy Scout groups in Britain were ordered to accept girls. The result? The boy scouts are now becoming the girl scouts. A majority of new recruits are girls. When a traditionally male activity is opened to girls, it instantly becomes less appealing to boys, no matter how much pretense there is of preserving its […]

An Atheist Burns the Koran

  WHEN AN atheist law professor in Australia burned the Koran last year, it did not make for an international sensation. Alex Stewart was, however, suspended from his job and expected to lose his position. At that time, Catholic Bishop Michael Putney, who chairs the Australian committee for ecumenism, said: “[Mr Stewart] has caused pain in people and may incite […]

More on Islamic Aggression

  VAN WIJK writes: Peter S. wrote: “The God of Deuteronomy is, of course, none other than God the Father, the first Person of the Triune Godhead. Although this same God is – on the basis of repeated Koranic insistence – the God Muslims understand themselves to worship, nothing of this severity appears in the […]

False Comparisons in Regard to Terry Jones

  D. FROM SEATTLE writes: Peter S. wrote a long essay, but salvation is not necessarily found in so many words. I will pick just a couple of paragraphs to which to respond.  Peter: “As for the meaning of such an act of desecration to Muslims, the burning of the Koran is not equivalent, in […]