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Daily Archives: April 16th, 2011

While Housewives are Desperate Deadbeats, People Who Have Jobs Are Always Doing Important Things


What Is This Site Worth to You?

  THIS website is a labor of love, with pennies of profit for each hour that goes into it. I want to be able to continue to serve this community — and that’s what it is in the best sense of the word, a scattered community of individuals with a spirit of inquiry and an appreciation for the common good. To continue, I […]

A Good Friday Tragedy

  GOOD FRIDAY is normally a dark, grief-stricken day. In my family history, one Good Friday stands out as sadder than all others. I had a great aunt, Ann, who was completely deaf from early childhood. She was in her early twenties. After having attended college for a year, Ann was resigned to living at home with her […]

French Potatoes

  HERE IS  the recipe for another dish in my Easter menu. It is what I call Gruyére Potatoes, but is otherwise known by the French as Gratin Dauphinois. It is taken from Patricia Wells’ excellent French cookbook Bistro Cooking.  I have made this many times, and everyone – children and adults – has liked it, […]