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When A Husband Fails as Protector

April 18, 2011



I would like to be one of the many readers to let you know how much your site is appreciated. I hope you continue this endeavor for an extremely long time. I hope to meet women in my life that hold the same conservative beliefs as you do, but until then, I live my life for my children and husband. My upbringing was horrible to say the least, so I’m still learning how to match these innate, conservative beliefs God blessed me with to real life where I literally feel like I’m learning from scratch, especially when it comes to marriage.

Which brings me to my problem. I recently typed this in a mother’s forum to get other mothers’ opinions: Read More »


An Expectant Father

April 18, 2011


FRED OWENS writes:

“We’re pregnant.” This might not bother anyone else too much, but I’m a writer, and I live and die by my words — which is why, when I overheard that phrase the other day at the cafe, I wanted to get up and choke the fellow.

He said, “We’re pregnant.” I wanted to say the hell you are. Read More »


More on Faith and Heritage

April 18, 2011


MARK writes:

I visited the Faith & Heritage site and I read the article in question, along with the comments, and from what I can gather, these folks are for the most part not the same people Lawrence Auster had in mind when he was speaking (broadly) of American evangelicals, whom he correctly describes as the Jews’ best friends. 

Yes, as you and Auster rightly observe, the Jews have an unfair revulsion toward evangelical Christians, and for what they represent politically. However, when people like “Generation 5” start using the Bible as a weapon against other people, and lift the words of Christ out of context to smear all Jews as “a brood of vipers,” then that’s just rank Jew hatred, and it’s no wonder Jews would feel antagonized by such a dehumanizing attitude. Read More »


On Maternal Suffering

April 18, 2011


AQUINAS wrote in his Summa of Mary’s suffering at the foot of the cross. He said that the Blessed Mother felt, in the words of a translation by Father Philip Hughes, “a staggering of the mind.” She knew the complete goodness of her son and witnessed his complete disgrace and torture.

“[H]er mind swayed, for she saw Him the victim of such vileness, and yet knew Him for the author of such wonders.” Her suffering was enhanced by her own perfection.

Mary is an example to mothers everywhere. To be a mother is necessarily to suffer and sacrifice for one’s children. An essential part of a mother’s role is awareness. This is the keen awareness of, and the vicarious experience of, a child’s hardships.

In contemplating Mary’s awareness, we are elevated, as if she conveys some of her fortitude. A mother’s awareness never ends, but with it she is brought along the steep paths of divine contemplation.

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