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Daily Archives: April 19th, 2011


Strawberry Devonshire Pie

  HERE is the recipe for Strawberry Devonshire Pie that I promised as part of my suggested Easter menu. It is easy to make though I recommend making the crust from scratch yourself. I’m not a fan of those gargantuan shipped strawberries, but even they work well in this recipe. This is a refreshing contrast to Easter lamb and is another recipe from […]

A New Breed of Female Delinquents

  THE obliteration of childhood has brought dramatic increases in juvenile crime. That especially includes crime among girls, which more than doubled between 1985 and 2007, exceeding the rate of inceases for male crime. Fatherless America, the land of institutionalized matriarchy and casual neglect of the young, is producing hardened and violent girls. This 16-year-old and her friend are […]

Two Kinds of Love

  WRITING in response to this post about a woman’s disappointment with her husband, Jeff W. writes: There are two kinds of love: human love and God’s love. Sometimes these two kinds of love are called by the ancient Greek terms eros and agape. Eros and agape are very different. One main difference is that […]