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Daily Archives: April 20th, 2011


Academic Womanhood at Its Finest

  ELLEN LEWIN, a professor of feminist anthropology at the University of Iowa, responded to a civil e-mail from College Republicans by telling them to “eff-off.” This is the sort of elevated discourse one can expect from the ideological storm front of gender discourse. Personally, I would not wish to participate in a correspondence with Ms. Lewin, who was […]

The Chaotic Hell of City Schools

  LAWRENCE AUSTER writes at VFR: The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a series, “Assault on Learning.” Part 3 of the series is “Young and Violent, Even Kindergartners.” The article is largely a catalogue of violent attacks by young children on their teachers, though there is also a section on sexual misbehavior. The situation in Philadelphia’s […]

Holiday Coverage

  HAVE YOU ever seen a negative news story in the mainstream media about Earth Day, with its ritual obeisance to the God of Recycling? NewsBusters compares the coverage of Earth Day with the coverage of Easter.

The Despicable Christian Woman, a Nobody from Nowhere Who Aspires to Beauty and Love

  PAULA KIRBY writes in The Washington Post of the depiction of women in the New Testament:


Are There Any Epsilon Men?

  P. TRUSTER writes: Regarding the post on “Two Kinds of Love,” it’s not clear to me whether all males are divisible into alpha and beta, winners and losers, or whether there are additional categories — gamma, delta, epsilon, etc. I have to say that some of the alpha males I’ve known have been loathsome […]