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Daily Archives: April 25th, 2011

More on the Un-Manning of Christianity

  LYDIA SHERMAN writes: For 27 years my husband’s father, who was a preacher himself, attended a monthly lunch in a restaurant, where they met with other preachers from several counties nearby. The wives usually came too, and listened to the speaker of the month address issues of concern to church members. After his parents passed […]

Academia and the Death of Thought

  STEVE KOGAN writes in response to this post about the feminist anthropologist Ellen Lewin: In the second volume of her journals, Hope Abandoned, Nadezhda Mandelstam writes, “One of the most brilliant men in the history of mankind once said that as soon as thought dries up, it is replaced by words. A word is […]

Happy Dyngus Day

    DENYS POWLETT JONES writes at the website Catholic Phoenix about the traditional Polish Easter Monday, known as Dyngus Day after a pagan water deity. He writes: For a few centuries, the historical record is silent in matters of Dyngus. Then, in the 15th century, the Easter Monday custom resurfaces in Poland—but now it […]

Comments and Posts

  DUE TO the Easter holiday, I have not had a chance to post a number of comments that have come in since Saturday. I hope to post them later today. Also, here is an interesting remark from a reader about this post: At our Holy Thursday Mass, all 12 of those having their feet […]