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Daily Archives: April 26th, 2011

A Double Standard

  IMAGINE an article in a mainstream newspaper celebrating the freedom of heterosexual men to obtain sexual gratification outside normal relations with women. I have never seen a mainstream ad or newspaper piece ooh-ing or aah-ing over male use of prostitutes or pornography. And, yet it is now normal to read about how wonderful sex toys and auto-eroticism are for […]

The Streets of John Atkinson Grimshaw

  THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY British painter John Atkinson Grimshaw is known for his urban scenes with the moon glowing on dockyards and city streets or the amber glow of shop windows visible in the sooty nightfall. His paintings, 50 of which are now on display in a gallery in London, are unusual in the poetic beauty they ascribe to industrial settings. As Hermes […]

Misquoting the Queen

  IN A 2007 post at her blog Tea at Trianon, Elena Maria Vidal explored the origin of the phrase “Let them eat cake,” widely attributed to Marie Antoinette with little basis in fact. Vidal wrote: Marie-Antoinette never said any such thing …. One theory about the origins of the legend of the phrase “Let them eat […]


Teaching Stupidity

  AT the website Minding the Campus, Mary Grabar writes about her experience at a major convention of college-level composition teachers. She reports: After spending four depressing days this month at a meeting of 3,000 writing teachers in Atlanta, I can tell you that their parent group, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, is […]