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Daily Archives: April 27th, 2011

Is it Possible to Dress Well and Not Be Accused of Elitism?

  A YOUNG MALE READER writes: Men’s clothing has not fared any better. Any given article of traditional men’s clothing is marked by loyalty to custom and accrued wisdom. Yet an assembly of them betrays an incredible variety of textures and origins, the fruit of trade and empire. The offerings are more cosmopolitan than a […]

And We Must Loathe the Duties of the Wife-to-Be

  TINA BROWN, who has made Newsweek even less interesting than it was before, applies the predictable amount of contempt to the subject of the pending royal marriage. Of Kate Middleton, she writes: Now that she’s engaged to be married to the second in line to the throne, her life is about to get more boring still. The palace […]

Modesty Is Not Prudery

  MODESTY is not the same as prudery, as is discussed in this entry. A reader also suggests retailers that sell more modest women’s clothing than what is generally available and vintage clothes, including the dress above.

Good Friday in Italy

  AT HER BLOG Galliawatch, Tiberge reports that Muslims took to the streets in Rome to pray in large crowds on Good Friday and that for the first time in history the call to prayer was broadcast in Arabic through loudspeakers from a minaret in Milan. Tiberge also reports on the vandalizing of churches in France during Holy […]

Racial Favoritism at McDonald’s

  McDONALD’S has introduced a new program called 365Black. The company states, “[W]e believe that African-American culture should be celebrated 365 days a year – not just during Black History Month.” Lawrence Auster writes: So McDonald’s has turned itself into an officially race-conscious organization which promotes blacks as blacks, and blackness as blackness. This is in […]


Why Radical Democracy Punishes and Eliminates Beauty

    AT HER blog Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat reflects on the fashion world’s committment to ugliness and the celebration of the drab and ugly in modern dress. She writes:  As I ponder more on what I’ve written [on this subject], I think the underlying premise is equality. We are all equal in our intelligence, our […]

A Singer’s Greatest Accomplishment

  THE singer and songwriter Phoebe Snow, who occupied a musical category of her own and was a big hit in the 70s, died yesterday at the age of 60. According to the New York Times, Snow said her greatest accomplishment in life was caring for her daughter, who was born with severe brain damage and died at […]