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Daily Archives: April 28th, 2011


When Men Ask Their Wives to Work

  AT HER blog Home Living, Lydia Sherman argues that it is is wrong for a man to ask his wife to work. She writes: There was a time when most people on the earth, even those not religious at all, would not argue about the women being allowed to stay home and be in charge […]

Dreaming of Being Mrs. Hayek

  HOW MANY WOMEN in the world are madly, passionately, overwhelmingly, heart-stoppingly in love with the deceased economist and social thinker Friedrich Hayek? Here is one.

The Un-Read Book

  THERE are many trashy books that do not deserve to be read. Still there’s something profoundly unsettling about the use of books for interior decorating.

The Lie of Unequal School Funding

  A CONNECTICUT mother faces charges of fraud because she lied about where she was living in order to get her son into a better public school. The mother is black and the school she had enrolled her son in was largely white. So intense is the drive to prove the deliberate denial of education to blacks that […]