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Daily Archives: April 29th, 2011

“They Got a Name for Guys Like That”

  IN THE the 1931 movie “Bad Girl,” a husband reacts to his wife’s suggestion that she get a job so they can have an apartment of their own. He explodes in anger (go to minute 09:09). “My idea of a husband is a guy that looks after a wife and takes care of her… If I can’t do […]

The Royal Wedding

  A ROYAL WEDDING is an entirely different affair in the age of the Internet, with even relatively intimate moments, such as when the bride is adjusting her gown in the car, brought to the entire world. If you are one of the small handful of people on the planet who has not watched snippets […]

Tornadoes in Alabama

  THE TORNADOES that touched down in the Southeast on Wednesday and Thursday were among the deadliest in U.S. history. The winds are believed to have exceeded 300 miles an hour. Among those killed was Tom Lee, a father of 13 children in Alabama. A tornado hit a community of Christian homeschooling families. The home of […]