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Can a Couple of Beautiful Celebrities Save the Monarchy?

April 30, 2011


SUZANNE writes:

Kate Middleton is just another nail in the downfall of the British monarchy and the death of Britain. She is not a virgin (for which she is praised), will not obey her husband, is not refined and ladylike as she seems plus she has cohabitated with Prince Williams seven to eight years before this marriage. Many journalists and tabloids are ecstatic at how “modern” they are and how the Royal house embraces progress and liberation. Read More »


A Would-be King with No Subjects

April 30, 2011


WHEN they were wed yesterday, Kate Middleton rejected the traditional wedding vow and did not promise to obey her husband. At VFR last week, I wrote:

How can a man be king when he can’t even secure the obedience of his wife?

Wifely obedience comes directly from the New Testament, was an ideal in Western society for thousands of years, and is grounded in human nature. 

See the remainder of my comments in that entry and the discussion that follows.


Let the Wedded Party Begin

April 30, 2011


WILL the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge be anything but glorified party-ers now that the wedding is over? Adam Lovejoy writes:

The problem with Prince William is that he thinks that because he has lost his mother, Princess Diana, he has some God given right to do whatever he pleases – as if the tragic death of his mothers [sic] is some excuse for him to make a fool of himself and ignore his duty as the second in line to the throne. He gets involved with an unsuitable woman, lives with her openly outside marriage for seven years and then falls for her cheap act of ‘Oh, William, they’ll never allow you to marry me’ act, while the horny brigade applauds him for being thoroughly modern.

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