The Thinking 

Igniting Sacred Beliefs

April 8, 2011



It should be said that Koran burning is not primarily directed at Muslims — it’s directed at liberals. Liberalism, that mutant strain of extremist, fundamentalist liberalism, preached with religious fervor by our liberal priesthood, surging as a tsunami in the 1960s and commanding, “Thou shalt not discriminate!” — that’s for whom the Koran burning is intended. Before the lunacy of modern liberalism a more sober and realistic people would have consulted history and common sense and been able to understand that allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate to the West was a foolish and dangerous thing to do. Prior to the civilizational lobotomy inflicted by modern liberalism a more prudent and sensible people would have understood that emptying the nation’s treasury and pouring out rivers of blood while engaged in a never-ending military commitment trying to turn Islamic sand-pile countries on the other side of the world into western liberal democracies was an insane thing to do.

But since we are, unfortunately, a crazy liberal society we are engaged in mad and mortally dangerous policies regarding Islam and Muslims. What Koran burning might accomplish is to ignite a few surviving neurons in the American mind by observing the actual actions of the “religion of peace”. Hopefully, people will see that it is not a religion of peace after all but a religion of eternal violence and submission against all infidels, as its history attests, as its core texts affirm, and as the example of its founder testify. That Americans might see the light is certainly not a sure outcome since the crazy “religion of peace” meme has somehow survived — can you believe it! — somehow even survived witnessing what happened on 9-11. So burn away, Pastor Jones; we pray you may ignite some minds to return to normal, sensible American thinking once again.

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