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The Chaotic Hell of City Schools

April 20, 2011



The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a series, “Assault on Learning.” Part 3 of the series is “Young and Violent, Even Kindergartners.” The article is largely a catalogue of violent attacks by young children on their teachers, though there is also a section on sexual misbehavior. The situation in Philadelphia’s black public schools as portrayed in the article is a nightmare that Dante would have had trouble conceiving. I don’t know what to say about it, except that it is the result of a black population (i.e. high impulsiveness and low intelligence), plus liberalism (i.e., white guilt and the destruction of authority), plus sexual liberation (i.e., no marriage, children raised without fathers and in conditions of total moral chaos).

As is usual with the mainstream media, the article never explicitly states that the young children whose violent behavior is being recounted are black, but the entire context, plus indirect hints such as the charge that the violence problem is the result of black pupils being treated differently from whites, makes it manifest that they are.

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