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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Marriage in the Major Cities

  JESSE POWELL writes:  According to U.S. Census statistics released last week, six of the 25 largest cities in America have such high levels of family breakdown that the majority of homes with children are not headed by a married couple. Those cities are Boston, Washington D. C., Philadelphia, Memphis, Baltimore and Detroit. The Married Families ratio (the proportion of […]

In Remembrance on Memorial Day

  NOT TO KEEP By Robert Frost They sent him back to her. The letter came Saying… And she could have him. And before She could be sure there was no hidden ill Under the formal writing, he was in her sight, Living. They gave him back to her alive— How else? They are not […]

When Playing Wimbledon Was No Big Deal

  ALEX A. writes from England: John Lavery’s evocative painting of a woman playing tennis shows us a serene world that has utterly vanished. Apart from the graceful woman at the centre of the picture, notice also the nonchalant posture of the gentleman watching the game. Sport was just a way of relaxing in those […]

More on Fatherhood and Authority

  JOHN E. writes: Thank you for directing attention in your post “The Father and His Rightful Authority” to this very good essay. It is a unique admonition to men in that it presents first what is positively expected of men as husbands, and doesn’t mince words in doing so. Most admonitions men hear these days, […]

“Then the Wind Struck the School”

  THE tornado that swept through Indiana, Illinois and Missouri on March 18, 1925 was 219 miles in length and killed 695 people. Known as the Tri-State Tornado, it was the most devastating in U.S. history. The 1,115 tornados of this especially destructive season have killed a total of about 550 people.

Tennis in Skirts

  THIS painting of a Victorian lawn tennis match by the Irish artist Sir John Lavery just sold for 756,000 euros, about 1.07 million dollars, at Christie’s in London. I wonder if many years from now anyone will pay that kind of money to hang images of today’s tennis gladiators on a wall. I guess it depends on the artist.

The Father and His Rightful Authority

  ALL of civilization depends on the father. As goes the father, so goes society. When fatherhood as an institution is strong, when a man governs his commonwealth in obedience and submission to God, order radiates throughout society. “Power, like nature, abhors a vacuum,” writes Fr. Chad Ripperger. “Either the man will be head of the house or the wife will; it […]

A Young Woman Who Has Everything

  EXPATRIOT writes: Here is a composition by one of my students, a 19-year-old Japanese girl. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read, and I offer it here without comment, since it speaks for itself: My future dream is to be a mother. Since I was a little girl, I have […]

A World of Impersonal, Pseudo-Food

  BRETT writes: You got me thinking about what types of food are popular in modern times. While I think canned food is emblematic of the era, I also noted that in addition to your favorite (pizza) there are sandwiches, the burrito, the salad and the wrap. These are all popular because, like modernity itself, […]


Catholic Bishops Applaud the Construction of Mosque

  HOWARD SUTHERLAND writes: The top story at Rorate Caeli yesterday was depressing and another example of how the liberalism of Vatican II has indeed let the smoke of Satan into Christian sanctuaries: Italian prelates’ advocating the building of an “official” (and no doubt enormous) mosque for the “Moslems of Milan.”

The Game and the Black Man

  NO ONE is more immune from criticism in America than the black man. It’s true that when he is caught in the actual commission of a crime he is held to account for his actions as an individual, but not as part of a larger group. Otherwise, he can live a life of hedonism, selfishness and ingratitude without […]

The Militant Sisterhood

  IN AN EXCELLENT piece at City Journal, Heather Mac Donald comments on two recent items in the news: feminist outrage over all-male special-operations combat forces and a federal civil rights complaint by female students at Yale who say they have been denied an equal education by raunchy campus jokes. Mac Donald points to the glaring contradiction of women claiming, on the one hand, […]

The Rise of Matriarchy

  FROM 2000 to 2010, the number of U.S. households with children headed by unmarried women rose by 18 percent, according to the latest Census Bureau figures. Also, married couples constitute less than half of all households for the first time in American history. In 1950, 78 percent of households included married couples. New Census […]

Baby Bird

  NO CREATURE expresses the naked need of the young quite like the baby bird. At this time of year, in the springtime, the nestling and his siblings create an entire subculture of anarchy, unrest and desperation. In his twiggy, secretive nest, with his beak agape, waiting for the bug or the worm to drop, he is […]