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Daily Archives: May 12th, 2011

When a Daughter is a Lesbian

  A MALE READER writes: My grown daughter told me she is involved with a woman. This was a total surprise to me and it really hurt. I gave her my complete blessing, which was a bit of a lie. I met the woman and I liked her quite a bit. I’m glad that I […]

Catholic Leftists Call For Forced Charity

  MORE THAN 75 Catholic professors have written to Speaker John Boehner on the occasion of his pending commencement address at Catholic University of America. The academics, in an outrageous distortion of theological principles, have charged the speaker with violating Catholic moral teachings for cutting government programs to the poor. They wrote to Boehner, who will be speaking at the […]

The Psychic Damage Inflicted by Male Pronouns

  CONNOISSEURS of feminist scholarship may be interested in this 1994 interview by staff of the National Council of English Teachers with Kate Swift, the editor and writer who was author of The Handbook of Non-Sexist Writing and who was a major force in inducing mass guilt and confusion as to the use of male pronouns. Ms. Swift, who helped […]

More on Sluts

  JESSE POWELL writes: If you want to know what the real purpose behind SlutWalks is listen to what those who actually promote and organize the events have to say. A transcript of the first part of the speech given at the Boston SlutWalk by Jaclyn Friedman reads as follows:   Look at all these beautiful sluts! […]