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Male or Female?

May 13, 2011

HOLLY writes:

A friend and I regularly trade e-mails about what we’re reading. Your blog is often one of the topics I bring up for discussion. (I agree with you most of the time; she does not.)

This morning, she sent me a comment on a site where you were quoted, and it attempts to “out” you as not being a woman at all, but rather being a man. I do not wish to be insulting by asking you to defend yourself against a spurious accusation, but at the same time, your status as a fellow anti-feminist woman  has many times lent credence to your views when I was debating them. I really don’t want to lose future debates with “Laura’s not a woman anyway!”

Do you perhaps have a Facebook page or some other online presence that I could point to as evidence that you are in fact who you claim to be?

Thank you very much!

Laura writes:

The claim that I am not a woman is just an ad hominem attack on me and an insult to you. Ignore it entirely. Even if I offer proof that I am a woman, such as the picture below, that probably will not satisfy your critics because they will likely respond that I am not a normal woman. Fortunately, they will have a hard time defending this accusation with regard to many of my arguments. If all the women in Western history were somehow gathered in an enormous, out-sized, inconceivably large stadium and the women who agreed with my general points were asked to stand on one side of this stadium and the women who disagreed with my main points were asked to stand on the other side, the crowd of those who disagreed (with my main points) would be relatively miniscule, a handful of stragglers. That’s because most women in history have actually liked being women. They have liked being wives and mothers.

I advise you to focus on the arguments, on the evidence against feminism that you see everywhere and, most especially, on all you know of ordinary women whose lives you admire.






— Comments —

Denise writes:

I read your blog every now and then. I would say any post that I take the time to read, I agree with. Your general theme throughout your blog, I agree with. And I am all woman.

Michael S. writes:

“The claim that I am not a woman is just an ad hominem attack on me and on you.”

Hmm… shouldn’t that be “ad mulierem“?

Laura writes:

As with masculine pronounsad hominem is a generic designation. : – )

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