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Breivik’s Mother

July 27, 2011


JUSTIN writes:

Speaking of Breivik’s parents, did you read about his mother, Wenche Behring? Not much in the establishment media about her, that is for sure, perhaps here is why. According to him, she has been debilitated by a sexually-transmitted disease. At the age of 48, she married a man who frequents hookers in Thailand, and she contracted herpes.

In his words (pg. 1172):

The herpes infection went to her brain and caused meningitis (this condition is usually rare and occurs in less than 1% of herpes infected individuals). As a result of this brain infection, which prevented the spinal fluid from flowing freely, she had to operate a shunt into her brain as the herpes attacks occurred regularly. She was forced into early retirement as a result and her life quality has been significantly reduced since, and she now has the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old. Her STD has not only cause her much hardships [sic], but it has also cost her and the state up to 1 million Euro.

Both my sister and my mother have not only shamed me but they have shamed themselves and our family. A family that was broken in the first place due to secondary effects of the feministic/sexual revolution. I can only imagine how many people are suffering from STDs as a result of the current lack of sexual moral.

Powerful stuff.

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