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Cambridge Pays Homosexual Couples

July 12, 2011



As an avid reader of your blog, I thought you would be interested in an article from the Huffington Post. As a full-time wife and mother who sees her husband’s income confiscated and redistributed a little more each year, this angers me. I also believe this is only the beginning. The state will continue to use the tax code not only to enforce the purchase of products such as health insurance, but to “socially engineer” (reward/ punish) family structures. The state in particular has an interest in righting wrongs against family structures that policy makers feel are discriminated against. I predict minorities (such as, but not limited to homosexuals) will be provided manifold additional exemptions in the tax code to make taxes “equitable” and traditional families headed by patriarchal breadwinners will be unfairly taxed (more than they already are). For example, families are able to claim deductions for paid childcare if both parents work and all families that choose a private education for their children pay twice – once for state public school (glorified day care they do not use) and again in tuition payments to an actual school/shoulder the costs of homeschooling. When you consider that single mothers (head of household) already receive various other benefits (such as SNAP/food stamps, medical care, etc.) it is clear that my husband supports more than one family with his labor. We would like very much to have more children…but there are only so many hours in a day my husband can work for wages. Is it any wonder that the birth rate falls for those who pay their way and increases for those who are given everything they need without working for it?

Laura writes:

The pursuit of “equality” means discrimination against the traditional family.

The state should reward the family structure that provides the most stability, the least divorce, the greatest health effects, the most patriotism, the least psychological illness, the fewest criminals and the most children for tomorrow’s workforce – and that is the traditional family with the male breadwinner.

 What can homosexual couples offer for the future? Higher rates of suicide, depression, a host of medical problems, and children who are confused and angry. 

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