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How the Media Portrays the Murder of a Homosexual and a Child by a Homosexual

August 17, 2011

Dr.Louis Chen, charged with stabbing his homosexual lover 100 times and killing his two-year-old son

Dr. Louis Chen, charged with stabbing his homosexual lover 100 times and killing his two-year-old son

DIANA writes:

Two observations came to me as a read this article about the horrific child-murder involving physician Louis Chen which you discussed last week:

1. Journalists now accept as normal the biologically impossible: that two males can “have a child.” (Up there with “gender reassignment” and other forms of science fiction we have
to accept as fact.)

2. More important, this is a stew of sheer perversity!

 Chen, the survivor (although it’s not sure he’s the murderer of the child) took up with his “partner” when the latter was 17 years old. The MSM will never point out that homosexual men have a taste for post-adolescent boys, so widespread that psychiatrists have given it its own name: ephebeophilia.

You mentioned that men have more of a tendency to be violent towards other men’s children than their own. The dead boy was Chen’s biological child. Details of what happened aren’t yet clear. It’s
possible that Chen stabbed Cooper as a result of Cooper threatening the child. If Chen killed his own flesh and blood, it would be beyond perverse.

Laura writes:

It is beyond perverse. A 27-year-old medical student takes up with a 17-year-old boy and we are told that relatives think that’s just fine. No one views it as child sexual abuse. Deprived of his formative years, this young man is then supposed to settle into a parenting relationship in his twenties with the same older man, who is a successful physician and takes him across the country as he pursues his career. Christine Clarridge of the Seattle Times writes:

“He was a gay kid from a small-town high school,” the Massachusetts physician said of Cooper. “He felt isolated. … It was the kind of town where Chicago was the big city, but you didn’t go there that often.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Chen rescued this boy from the provincialism of small-time life by taking him as his homosexual lover. The entire article is stunning, portraying the relationship of these men in the most glowing terms. We are told Chen’s mother was just fine with her son being a homosexual and having a child through a surrogate and an egg donor.  The newspaper reports the words of the police incorrectly. According to the newspaper, the police, when they arrived at the apartment and found Eric Cooper and the child dead, said to Chen, “Who stabbed you and your partner?” as if police when they arrive at a horrific, bloody murder scene automatically speak in politically correct terminology.

According to court documents, which the newspaper published, the police said, “Who did this?” Chen asked, “What?” And the police said, “Stabbed you and him.”

To which Chen responded, “I did.”

Compare the murder by a homosexual of this child and this man who was taken up when he was still an adolescent to the sensational coverage of the murder of Matthew Shepard, which of course was appalling too, and you see what constitutes real horror in the eyes of the media.


                                             — Comments —

Jane writes:

Yes, the Matthew Shepard murder was appalling, but just in case you missed the buried story, Matthew Shepard was not murdered because he was a homosexual. Gay activists used this story to expand the definition of violent federal hate crimes to those committed because of a victims sexual orientation by passing the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Diana writes:

Here’s another datum that the miserable PC American article left  out: Chen used five knives and slashed his victims 100 times. I am positive that the US media will bury this story, and to the
extent they cover it they will not mention grisly details like that. Compare that to the obsessive coverage of Casey Anthony. I’m not criticizing the coverage of that atrocity; just comparing.

Chen must have been in a frenzy.

Laura writes:

The murders took place sometime over the weekend of Aug. 8. Chen was naked and covered in dried blood when he finally answered a knock at the door on Monday and Eric Cooper was clothed only in his boxer shorts. The baby was found with its throat slashed in the bathtub. A full description of what the police found is in the court documents.

Laura adds:

The press coverage of this ghastly murder by a doctor trained at Duke University has received so little coverage by the press that there are no pictures in newspapers of the victims when they were alive, as is common in sensational cases.

Lawrence Auster writes:

The murderer in this case brought a son into the world not though natural means, but through artificial, wilful, anti-natural means; and then, having artificially created his son through a sheer assertion of will, he murdered his son. He thus showed himself to be the ultimate liberal, creating (and then destroying) his own reality out of his own desires.



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