The Thinking 

Portrait of a British “Family”

August 19, 2011



WHO WILL this child be someday? His parents – a black woman and an Asian man – conceived him in a contractual arrangement. His mother lives with a white woman. They have all three fulfilled their desire for parenthood, without viewing the child as a whole, as a social being.

I always wonder what the people who work in the clinics that facilitate these kinds of families are like. I can’t imagine it. Life must seem so cheap to them.


                                                                    — Comments —

James P. writes:

You should have put the word “British” in quotes as well as “Family” — those people don’t look British any more than they look like a family.

Laura writes:

Yes, I should have.  But we must often use the word “British” ironically anymore and think of it as with invisible quotation marks. It means, in so many cases, “anti-British.”

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