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The Empowered Grandmother

August 26, 2011


THE HIDEOUS tattoos on this 78-year-old woman are no uglier, no more grotesquely mutilating, than many of the tattoos we see today. But on an elderly woman they create a walking portrait of decadent, puerile old age. Featured in The Daily Mail, Helen Lamben says exactly what you would expect her to say:

It’s very empowering, I think, for me, in a positive sense.

                                                   — Comments —

Youngfogey writes:

I was surprised to see this woman’s name was Helen. Judging from the picture I would have guessed “Granny Queequeg.”

Do you think her family looks forward to Christmas at her house every year during which she tells her grandchildren all about her adventures in the navy?


Alissa writes:

Oh dear.

A reader writes:

Hopefully, with older people showing off their tattoos, then the tattoo fad will go by the wayside for the younger generation.

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