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Daily Archives: September 8th, 2011

Another Watercolor by Homer

   SOME PEOPLE say that modern industrialization took men from the home, and that this in turn led to feminism. I don’t deny that industrialization brought different demands, but men have for thousands of years left home in significant numbers. They left to fish, to hunt, to trap, to go whaling, to fight wars, to study, to mine, to pan for gold, […]

One More Glimpse into the Reproductive Industrial Complex

  A FEMALE READER writes: Thank you for your site! Your thoughts have been very influential in my decision to quit my part- time job. I wanted to express my gratitude and share an article with you. I came across this New York Times article about couples who decide to abort half of a pair of […]

The Comforting Illusion of “Child-Focused” Divorce

  “THE CHILD-FOCUSED DIVORCE” is the arresting title of an article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal that unabashedly promotes divorce. Illustrated with smiley family photos, a picture of a contented divorcée outside her home, and cartoon-like graphics of cuddly children, the piece by Elizabeth Bernstein is nauseatingly unsympathetic to the young while all the time appearing to champion their interests. Here is one more entry in the […]

The Republican Debate

  THERE was an unusual moment in last night’s debate among Republican candidates in California. On the issue of immigration, the moderators from NBC and Politico ceded the floor to Jose Diaz-Balart of Telemundo, who stood directly in front of the candidates. The suggestion was that any of the candidate’s answers on immigration affected Latinos and […]