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A Sane Theory of Economic Nationalism

September 12, 2011


I HIGHLY recommend Kristor’s most recent comments on trade policy, which offer a coherent, traditionalist approach to foreign competition. To call Kristor’s views “libertarian” is grossly inaccurate. He recognizes the integrity of the community and its duty to protect members from economic harm.

Since it is difficult to read his points in the current format, I have chosen a few excerpts to highlight here:

Freedom does not mean lack of constraint; it depends upon proper constraint of what would otherwise be mere chaos. Only in the context of such constraints can behaviour be orderly (or therefore either good or bad). Determining the nature and bound of proper constraint is the basic matter of political discourse. Mercantilists get the constraints wrong at one extreme; doctrinaire libertarians at the other. Mere liberty does not suffice to order a society, because it does not suffice to order a life. But central planning overdetermines on the basis of inherently insufficient data, and thus leads to grotesque errors of resource allocation… Read More »


When Factories Are Empty

September 12, 2011


BOB writes:

The entire free trade discussion is wrong-headed. We are in a transition in manufacturing technology that will eventually eliminate almost all manufacturing jobs. Someday, working in a factory will be as common as working on a farm. The real economic question is, how do we distribute the wealth created by manufacturing if there are no workers in the factories? Read More »


The Thuggish Serena Williams

September 12, 2011


DIANA writes:

Sometimes I feel as if I am living in a country that’s been hijacked. Pretty much everything has become “365 black.”

This has happened even to tennis. I watched the women’s final of the U.S. Open yesterday because I was certain Serena Williams would lose – and she did! I am not alone in despising Williams. It was a wonderful moment. But not without some drama, as I will relate.
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