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Daily Archives: September 29th, 2011

And the Indians Shopped at Whole Foods Too

  WRITING in response to this post about a journalist who claims it is immoral to have children because they will harm the “environment,” Regina Hess writes: Last week, my husband and I took our five children on a field trip to Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. I had forgotten how politically correct Plymouth had become, but was rudely […]

Disgusted with the Shallowness of Facebook

  KAREN I. writes: I quit Facebook after going to an old friend’s Facebook page and finding a death announcement. The family had posted a childhood picture of the deceased individual, with graphics of glittery stars around it. Along the top of the photo was “R.I.P.” I was stunned at the news and absolutely disgusted […]


“I Decided Not to Have Children for Environmental Reasons”

  THE WESTERN educated woman is so afraid of having children – so afraid of what it might require of her, so afraid of no longer breathing, thinking, and acting like a man, so afraid of losing friendships based on her status as careerist – that she reaches in her desperation for all kinds of […]

The Personalistic, Relativistic World of Facebook

  FRED OWENS writes: The dominant media is not CNN, The New York Times, or The Washington Post. It’s not FoxNews either. It’s Facebook. That’s where the nation and the world meets, connects, and relates.

When a Pope Truly Loves the Muslim, He Does Not Affirm the Muslim’s Faith

  AT VFR, Howard Sutherland writes: Isn’t every Pope’s primary mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and call people–all people–to the Christian faith? Rather than make statements that imply an equivalence between Christianity and Islam, Pope Benedict should exhort those Moslems who have moved into Christian (or once-Christian) lands to […]