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Chastity and Chaz

September 21, 2011



You have to understand, people like Chaz Bono really believe that they are the opposite sex. They are not doing this to annoy or anger anybody. They really believe that they are not the right sex. I do not know about you but I can’t imagine constantly thinking that I am the opposite sex. Chaz may have been a pretty blonde girl but she probably didn’t see herself that way. There are people who grow up in conservative families and they still wind up thinking they are the opposite sex. Some people blame upbringing but people who are raised as the opposite sex still realize that they are the opposite sex. This guy had a messed up upbringing yet he still realized he was a boy.

 Laura writes:

Is it so awful to be a woman?

Let me restate your argument. You are saying that to be an attractive woman, who is not poor and not ill, is horrible if you’d rather be a man, even if you are permitted to dress like a man and act like a man.

But what is so awful about being a woman?

Perhaps you could clarify that. Let’s say a person does feel like a man trapped in a woman’s body. Is being trapped in a woman’s body so terrible? If you told me Chaz Bono was trapped in an elevator in a burning building, or trapped in a closet without air to breathe, I would understand her risking physical harm to get out of that elevator or out of that closet. But I don’t see why being trapped in a woman’s body is so bad that one would mutilate oneself to give the appearance of no longer being a woman, especially given that one will still be a woman.

I’m not denying that Chaz Bono has powerful desires to be a man. Many people have powerful desires they cannot gratify, or perhaps cannot gratify without causing harm. But even though she wanted to be a man, Chaz Bono still had all the advantages of being a woman. So unless one thinks that being a woman is intrinsically bad, and comes with no possible compensations, I don’t see how her actions can be justified.

Even today, after she has inflicted such damage on herself, Chaz Bono is still a woman. I am at a loss to see how her situation has improved. All men, without exception, were once boys. But Chaz Bono never was a boy. So doesn’t she still have the frustration of being born in the wrong form? Many people suffer from delusions. Perhaps we all experience at least mild delusions. But when others conspire with our inability to face reality, that’s not considerate, that’s cruel. The world is humouring Chaz Bono and that’s not kind. 

If you had a friend who felt immortal and drank two pints of Scotch and was about to drink a third, would you gratify his delusion and say, “It must be awful to feel immortal and yet not be. Go ahead, have another drink?” If you knew someone who believed he was destined to be rich, and spent excessively even though there was no sign, none at all, that he was ever going to  be rich, do you think it would be right to lend him your savings? Everyone has feelings that are frustrated. Many situations are much worse than the plight of someone who wishes he was born as the opposite sex, and yet somehow people cope. Take all the healthy people trapped in sick bodies.

Also, I’m wondering how you are so confident about Chaz Bono’s psychological state. Do you personally know her? How do you know that she doesn’t crave attention and the sort of stardom that her mother had? If she did crave these things, do you think she’d admit it?

Nevertheless, the fact remains. Chaz Bono is a woman.


                                    — Comments —

Alissa writes:

You have to understand, people like Chaz Bono really believe that they are the opposite sex. 

Is what he believes good, true and beautiful? The answer to this question is certainly not. 

A person should not see the exception to the rule and make the exception the rule. It’s abhorrent to take unfortunate cases of mutations and physical abnormalities and present them to further acceptance and normalization of perversions like transgenderism. Yes, a person can grow up in whichever environment and embark on an experience opposite to what one he has been presented with but it doesn’t change the fact of what is good and what is right. Chaz Bono may think herself a man but she will always be a woman. No amount of mutilation will change that. Humans have continually rebelled against God ever since the fall of man but they can be saved and get cleansed through Jesus Christ. What is happening with Chaz Bono’s is simply another continuation of original sin. 

On another note, I’m also musing on what terrible connection this may have with sectors of liberalism like feminism. In most schools today women are brought up to silently despise themselves and their past because feminism shows motherly, feminine, religious women as being prisoners, brainwashed, weak, idiotic and most importantly unenlightened. In the media many are continually feed lies and the culture worships liberalism in its totality with its gods of liberation and progression. I find it perhaps twisted and suicidal that a movement that cheers about the supposed emancipation of women is continually sowing seeds of its destruction.

Laura writes:

On the one hand, liberalism asserts that sexual identity is artificial. It’s not primal or unchangeable.

On the other hand, it asserts that sexual identity is so inborn – Chaz was born a man in a woman’s body – that nothing is too extreme to make it manifest. 

Why these contradictions? Liberalism is at war with nature and man’s limitations. The liberal denies science. He denies what is observable and verifiable. There is not a shred of scientific evidence that Chaz Bono was born a man. When we see a wild-haired man walking down the street muttering that he is Jesus Christ, is that proof that he is Jesus Christ? When a woman says, “I am really a man,” or a man says, “I am really a woman,” why would these fantasies be considered true? And yet the liberal eagerly embraces them because they are in accord with his exalted idea of man’s powers over nature and his resentment of the limitations that sexual identity imposes.

Michael S. writes:

Brittany writes: “They are not doing this to annoy or anger anybody.”

Those are the only reasons people do outrageous things?

She writes: “I do not know about you but I can’t imagine constantly thinking that I am the opposite sex.”

Brittany is essentially saying, that, “Well, Mrs. Wood, I cannot analytically rule out the possibility that you, a successful “housewife” (whatever that IS, but… whatever), that YOU might be constantly thinking that you are the opposite sex. Anyway, I’m not, cuz like…. EWW!?! But if someone does, that’s like, OK.”

Michael S. adds:

Two pints of Scotch? Is it possible to drink that much Scotch in one day and live to tell the tale? Yikes.

Laura writes:

Okay, I’m not a Scotch drinker. : – ) Make that one pint of Scotch, and he’s reaching for the second.

A reader writes:

Surgery may help relieve the woundings Chastity received but what will happen as time goes by and she finds she is not healed after all? 

“According to Bono, her father always wanted a boy instead of a girl. So, in this way, she would be able to fulfill her fathers wish. 

She turned lesbian because of her parents divorce and emotional neglection [sic]. She was seduced by her best friend Joan, when she was 15.”

Bruce writes:

Brittany writes: “people like Chaz Bono really believe that they are the opposite sex”

When I was working in psychiatry, I once interviewed a man who truly believed the universe was controlled by a budgerigar (called Joey).

This kind of thing – a false, unshakeable, bizarre, dominating belief – is called a delusion. Such things have been known since recorded history began. Delusions are symptoms of psychological illness – sometimes severe and debilitating but other times relatively benign – but they are not a basis for societal organization.


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