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Modern Bride

September 14, 2011



THE EDMONTON SUN ran this photo the other day with the following caption:

A light-hearted photo by the Edmonton’s Sun chief photographer Tom Braid is the Photo of the Week choice. The trend of destroying the wedding dress as part of a bride’s photo album has emerged within the last decade, and this very bubbly, fun photo will no doubt become a centrepiece of this bride’s memories for years to come.

Hurricane Betsy writes:

So the latest thing is destroying your wedding dress…I guess some men are truly desperate to be married.


                                            — Comments —

A reader writes:

The reason for the trashing of the wedding dress is because of the novelty of it. So many women are not virgins when they marry, that these fads provide something they can do for the first time to provide the thrill they need.

Laura writes:

I agree. The decadent theatricality of weddings today is an attempt to make up for lost drama and excitement.

Thomas F. Bertonneau writes:

I have what is perhaps an eccentric reaction to the photograph accompanying the item on the “Modern Bride.” It’s “Thar she blows!” 

Call me Ishmael.

Laura writes:

Your reaction is not eccentric. I omitted part of Hurricane Betsy’s comment. She wrote:

Doesn’t she look like a whale waiting to be harpooned by a Japanese whaling crew? 

This pose was probably cooked up by her wedding photographer. The point of a wedding is not to get married but to create photographs.  

Texanne writes:

Here’s another water pose.


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