The Thinking 

Lunacy of a Harmless Variety

October 26, 2011



I have to tell you something about our nearest small town. I drive through the main street when I come or go from my home in a farming area. The town characters walk around during the day. One is a man who thinks he is a sheriff in the Wild West. He wears a western hat, a badge, a vest and has some rope attached to his belt. He talks to himself as he walks around town. On the other side of the street is a man who dresses like Ozzy Osbourne. He jumps around wildly, singing loudly and pointing at every one who passes by in cars. Neither of these characters has ever been a threat to anyone. They are either on some kind of medication, and do not know what they are doing, or they are just enjoying pretending to be something. I wish the liberals who are chipping away at family culture could be so harmless. Why can’t they enjoy pretending that it is the kind of world they really want, and just leave everyone  else alone? When I was looking at these town characters, I realized how much less damage they do than the people who think their fantasies about life and politics should be put into legislation.

Lydia adds:

There is another town character I wish to add. He appears to be very young, barely out of his teens, and he dresses like an old fashioned mail carrier, complete with hat, long coat and mail bag. He rides an old bicycle, goes to the post office and “checks in” to see if they need any help. Everyone takes it in good humor and no one feels the least threatened by his peculiar behavior.

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